The Barbara Perrin Glaucoma Fund

Glaucoma is a frightening disease.  Unannounced, it gradually destroys the vision and is said to be the second leading cause of blindness in the world.  There is no cure and lost vision cannot be restored.  Only proper medicine or surgery can slow or stem its progress.

Barbara Perrin was diagnosed with glaucoma in 1993 and underwent both procedures.  In the course of her treatments, she found that medication could be effective, but that it was very expensive and that dosage must be continued.  After her own condition was stabilized, her thoughts turned to those glaucoma victims whose sight was deteriorating because they could not afford the cost of the medication.  Her response to this concern was to create the Barbara Perrin Glaucoma Fund to help provide, to the extent possible, glaucoma sufferers in the Greater Lansing area with the appropriate prescribed medicine.

If you would like to provide help for individuals suffering the affects of Glaucoma in the greater Lansing area, please designate your contribution to the Barbara Perrin Glaucoma Fund, and send the contribution to the Lions of Michigan Foundation – 5730 Executive Drive, Lansing, Michigan.