Donor Advised & Restricted Funds

Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised or Restricted Funds can be created by individuals or organizations to achieve a donor(s) charitable goal(s). The account can be operated to satisfy several charitable initiatives or for a specific project or goal such as to raise large sums of money for the medical care of an individual in need of transplant surgery or ongoing medical treatment.

The Lions of Michigan Foundation assumes all responsibility for the financial management of the account and for the governmental reporting for the account, and all donations to the fund are tax deductible to the donor(s).

Written receipts are provided to all donors, the fund will be administered in accordance with applicable laws and established guidelines.

From Testimonials:

“Thank you for helping with travel expenses related to Joseph’s medical care in Ann Arbor. The sad news is that Joseph went home to be with the lord on December 3rd. He fought so valiantly, and we hoped and prayed so hard that he would receive a new strong heart. We did not expect this, and it has been a painful and difficult time for our family. God Bless the Lions. Your organization helped a family in distress, and we are so grateful. We will always remember that the Lions reached out to a young family in need and helped them when they could not help themselves.”

“My son is now 1 ½, and he has had the kidney transplant. He can now live a more normal life because of the Lions. I don’t know how we’ll ever be able to repay your generosity. Thank you for caring.”

“I want to thank the Lions of Michigan Service Foundation for the medical assistance for my son Mark. It is very difficult for me to accept assistance (even on behalf of my son). In fact, I discouraged my wife from seeking help. However, I have come to realize that despite efforts to be independent, there are many circumstances beyond your control that can quickly change your life.”



Sample Donor Advised Fund Agreement

Sample Restricted Account Agreement